Friday, June 22, 2012

Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis

And completing the Lucky Harbor series for now is Grace's story. It's remarkable how hot friends come in threes, the original 3 sisters who all got together with 3 friends, this set of 3 chocoholics manage to fall in love with 3 friends (and workout partners). Sometimes it just seems a little too meat and tidy for me which is not my favorite. Overall I did enjoy this story, much much more than Amy's for sure. However if Jill Shalvis uses the work "sinew" in anymore of her books I may have to stop reading them because that seems to be the only adjective she knows and it's tiresome after reading a whole bunch of her novels. Any maybe it's just me but I love getting the happy ending epilogues and I would really like to see them a bit longer. Something about reading about them for 200 pages trying to get together makes me want to know what they are like once they are together. See Julia Quinn's 2nd Brigerton epilogues. I enjoyed most of the story, I liked the ready made dysfunctional family for Grace to come into. I liked the humanity in Anna's situation and how Toby just wanted a mom. I think the characters are so real and have such great stories to share with one-another. I did enjoy this novel but I get tired of the same situations over and over again so if there are more Lucky Harbor novels not sure I really want to go back at this point.

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