Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday HideoutHoliday Hideout by Vicki Lewis Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am not much of a holiday person but in the past few days I have sure when watching my fill of Christmas movies (romances of course) and wrapping presents. To add to my little holiday self party I decided to pick up this anthology and read it in under 12 hours, now whether this was due to me hiding from my book club's next book or because it was so good we will probably never know. However I did truly enjoy these stories.

The Thanksgiving fix was super cute, and super steamy. I love the anti-marriage people coming together, bonding over their singleness and falling for each other, hard. Both of the characters were relate-able and I enjoyed it.

The Christmas Set-Up was also very good. I have been on a Jill Shalvis kick now for awhile, since I began the Lucky Harbor series, then read the Animal series and am now reading about the Wilder brothers. This novella was written in her typical style and I enjoyed it very much. Lately I have begun hating books where we start off with the guy being absolutely horrible to the girl but then they end up together, I really appreciate Jill not doing that and giving us two characters to root for the entire time.

The New Year's Deal was my least favorite of the three but still very entertaining. I am not big on communication misunderstandings or people jumping to conclusions so that was my biggest issues with this novella. I still enjoyed it though, but not in any rush to pick up any of her other works.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not my favorite anthology, which I am sad to say. I read this right about completing Jill Shalvis' 2nd Lucky Harbor novel (as it goes together) and I was not overly fond of this short novela. Great Logan finds someone, I might have cared more if I actually liked Logan to begin with but he was not a great character in my mind.

The 2nd novela was my favoraite of the set, it was a cute little thing though it has no real ending. I kind of want to go read the books that go with it but I wanted to the sample chapters at the end of the anthology to be the 1st chapter, I do not want chapter 3 so I did not start it and have so many other books to read of my shelf I am not so in love that I want to run out and go buy them.

The 3rd novela. I hate to stop reading a book half way through and read something else but this story did not grab me at all and so I left in the middle. I finally went back and finished it. The ending was cute but I was just not impressed which sucks cause I wanted to be.