Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beyond Hope's Valley - Tricia Goyer

Great ending to this series

You loved Marianna from the beginning and the ending was just what I wanted it to be.

Marianna goes back 'home' to marry Aaron and be there for her brother, Levi. Levi has just come back into the Amish and marries his girlfriend, who is pregnant with a child of another. Levi does an amazing job of showing that love for his woman overrides the mistakes she made and he becomes the father to this child. Tricia shows the love that Naomi has for Levi but allowing Levi to name 'their' son.
Marianna does a lot of soul searching and her path to finding the one true God is wonderful and truthful.
Ben takes his music career back on the road and sees life differently as a Christian musician.
Who does she choose? You won’t want to miss finding out.

A few minor bumps in the road for me on the story but I really enjoyed this series.

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