Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hook, Line And Sinker: A Deep Haven NovellaHook, Line And Sinker: A Deep Haven Novella by Susan May Warren

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First, let me say that I did not realize this was a novela and not a complete novel. That is probably the biggest factor that colors my review here.

With that being said, I really did not enjoy this book. I did not think there was enough character development to really get any enjoyment out of the characters. I never really liked Abigail, the heroine and Ross, the hero never really seemed to live up to that role. The story was so quick I never got the chance to become invested or involved. The big scenes where the couple declared their love was far too short with mo explanation and no build up. Furthermore, I understand that the auhtor wants to keep suspense by not telling us what happened in the past but there was too much suspense to enjoy the present story, it really detracted from the story line. From what I read in this novela I am not interested in locating any of the other in this set.

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