Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Peter, Eyewitness to Majesty by Mindy Ferguson

I just finished Mindy Ferguson’s, Bible Study, Peter, Eyewitness to Majesty.
What a great in-depth study on Peter’s walk from the first ‘follow me’ till his death.  In this 10 week study I learned a lot about Peter, Jesus and myself.
Peter is an ordinary man, a fisherman, he was eager, impulsive, quick to speak, acted without thinking, and learned to turn his weaknesses into strengths.  This could be me on any given day.
We watched Peter take risks, we watched him fail and we watched him succeed, Peter was commissioned to spread God’s word and everything that happened to him made him into the man who traveled and shared the gospel with so many.
A few of the great things this study reminded me of was that I don’t have to be perfect to experience God’ grace, not to worry about tomorrow, the downfall of judging others, how to deal with the difficult people in our lives.
I became more aware of recognizing change in my life and the work God is doing in and through me.
I enjoy the daily synopsis and the 5th day recaps, they do a great job of bringing it all together.
I would recommend this book to do individually or with a small group, so much to learn and be reminded of in during the 10 weeks.  

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