Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing Dirty By: Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson sure knows how to draw you in.  This is the third book in a trilogy about best friends.  You get to know Ava is the past two books and learn about her insecurites but this book brings all of that to teh forefront and allows you to see her personal stuggles with her weight and how she must work through that in order to find her true love.
In the beginning you are lead to hate the hero, Cade, by the end you are rooting for him to succeed in his business as well as with Ava.  So many romance novels have the hero leave the heroine only to realize his mistake and return but what i love about this book is that it is the heroine who has to realize her mistake.  It is refreshing to see that side a man when he is so in love he cannot think.
The only slow parts are when we are looking at the situation from the bad guy's point of view.  They are neccessary to the story and luckily are short but they do seem to drag.  If you haven't read her first two in this series I woudl recommend you read them all!

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