Thursday, June 16, 2011

Count Down to Love by Julie Ford

For fans of the tv show the Bachelor this is a good read.  For those of you who follow the Bachelor religiously and know the workings of it this book can be seen as a stretch.  I started this book while watching the Bachelorette and did not always like the differences.  I know there must be differences but expecting us to believe the Bachelor cuts 13 people the first night is a leap.
Although written in first person I feel sometimes it took too much liberty.  There were places where we went into the main characters head and read her descriptions of locations or events that were not at all important to the story line leading to a drag in the story.  I believe it would have been better if we would have been able to get the story from the hero's point of view occasionally as many other romance novels do and not strictly read from the heroine's point of view.
 Some of the best seasons were left out of the book and then reminisced about later which I really did not like.  I think we should have been able to live through the moments with the characters.
Overall is was a cute, easy read but not the best.  The story was very predictable and the villain made the story occasionally unlikeable.  I would read other novels by this author but this book did not make it to my favorites list.

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