Monday, January 16, 2012

Her Restless Heart (Stitches In Time Series #1)Her Restless Heart by Barbara Cameron

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well I thought this was part of a series but the title says it is the first. Barbara has mentioned some of the people is this book in prvious books but in no way, shape or form does it take away from this story.

Mary Katherine has moved out of her parents home and lives with her grandmother. She and her father seemed to have a few issues. While living with her grandmother she works at her grandmother's quilt shop with her cousins - Anna and Naomi.

Her friend, Jacob, starts to show an interest in her but she is not interested. She thinks the English world looks appealing. She makes it very clear to Jacob they can only be friends. Then others come into the picture, jealously breaks out and things change.

Mary Katherine also has to deal with going back home and taking care of her mother when her mother becomes ill.

There is a lot of growth in Mary Katherine in this book and I am guessing the next one will deal with the cousins and we caught a few glipses of things to examine going forward.

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