Friday, July 1, 2011

Falling to Pieces - Vannetta Chapman

This is the first book in a new 3 book series.

It connects the English with the Amish.

Callie comes to town from Houston to see to her aunt's affairs. Her aunt Daisy owned a quilt shop in town before she died and Callie having suffered some heartache thinks a chance of scenery for a little bit might be healing. She is not interested in making friends – she is just there to sell the shop and move on – although she is not sure where she is moving on to. Life has hurt her deeply and she is trying to deal with is all – without God.

Deborah, an Amish wife and mother, asks Callie, to sell some quilts on EBay (which she pronounces wrong) to help out her friends. This story is really the story of friendship, acceptance, small towns and how they come together and there is even a mystery thrown in.  Deborah doesn’t seem to be looking for friends – she is looking help her friends, who have minor rolls.

Then there is Max, who doesn't love a story with a dog who takes on a large role.

 I enjoyed this book - there are some things that I am not so fond of, a few loose ends that I am still shaking my head about but liked it enough to want to read the second book in the series.

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