Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beside Still Waters– Tricia Goyer

Marianna and her family move from Amish Indiana to a small town in Montana where the English and the Amish work together to make it work.  This causes a lot of questions for Marinna, who knew what her end result would be if she stayed in Indiana. She was going to get baptized and marry Aaron Zook and live happily ever after.  Being of age she has the option of going with her family or staying,  her father asked her to go for 6 months, Aaron asked her to stay, with her mother pregnant she decided to go help.  In these 6 months she starts to question if Amish is the only way. She meets many English folks who show her how to have a relationship with God during the week not just every other Sunday. They show her the English Bible vs the German Bible. She meets a man and is attracted to him, although she is English.  There are a lot of unanswered questions at the end of this book but the second one, Along Wooded Path is ready to pick up with this one ended.
I believe this is Tricia’s first book on the Amish and I love how she is writing it. She is doing a great job of keeping me interested and started to revisit my relationship with God.

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