Thursday, July 14, 2011

Along Wooded Paths – Tricia Goyer

This book picked up where the last one, Besides Still Waters, ended. Marianna decided not to go back to Indiana and stay in Montana with her English / Amish friends.  This continues to be her story with other minor story lines interwoven.  She is confused about the difference between the English and the Amish and these shows throughout the book. Aaron Zook, the boy she loved back in Indiana, decided to travel to Montana to see Marianna.  Aaron has an accident on his way and ends up with a broken leg and having to spend many weeks at Marianna’s house, sleeping in her room while she moves upstairs.  Ben, who is Marianna English friend, decided to pursue his music career and we only get a small glimpse of that in this book., I believe there is more to come with this as more of Ben’s past is presented in this book.  There are so many people to care about in this / these books.  And it wouldn’t be a great book without a twist in the end that leaves you wondering and hoping the next book is already on the shelf.

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