Thursday, January 17, 2013

The letter Darlene Shortridge

Things that define a great book to me:

Tears, Laughter, feeling like you are a part of the family, surprises.

And every child deserves another day with those they love, if only to hear the
words ‘I love you’ once more.”

This book was about love. Jessi, was raised by her aunt and uncle. This is the story of her going back home (with her family) for her dad's funeral and her mom sharing her dad's story. Jessi never felt like her dad loved her and through chapters written by her dad as he was a young man, became a husband, businessman, etc we learned how much James did love her.

Although a novella I savored this book because I didn't want it end. I felt connected to James , Will, Jessi.

Well done Darlene, well done.

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