Friday, January 18, 2013

An Amish Kitchen - Clipston, Long, Wiseman

This was three short stories in one book. I love that it was three of my favorite Amish authors:

Amy Clipston, Kelly Long and Beth Wiseman.

Each story stood alone with a quick one liner at the very end. There was the Our Daily Bread that all three stories had in common.

The first story was about Fern who was learning from her grandma about home remedies  The neighbor who was watching his siblings while his parents were gone had to come by often with the children and their predicaments 

The second story about Hannah and a stranger who came to stay at her Bed and Breakfast. He quickly was hired by the brother to help out with repairs and such.

The third story had to do with mending relationships between mother and daughter. Definitely a little humor in this one with George.

For short stories I do not feel that I missed out on them being longer, they did a great job of making the stories complete with the bonus of recipes in the back.

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