Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not Quickly Broken - LN Cronk

This was the 7th boook in the Chop Chop series. It took us back in time and shared Jordan's story.

I thought it was well done, answered a few qustions that we still had from book 6 and left an opening for a book 8, which I am grateful for as I like the characters in these books. Reading this one felt like I had come to a family reunion.

We saw Jordon and Charlotte get married in the last book this is their story from the beginning.

Some of my favoites from the book:

It hasn't always been easy but it was as it was suppose to be

You can't left yourself drift from God and blame someone else

Your responsibility is to GOD

Make decisions to what God wants to matter

Love God enough to trust him

Wrestling with God is hard work

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