Friday, March 30, 2012

Pon Pon LN Cronk

This was the third in the series by L.N. Cronk. The first being Chop Chop, second being Day Day. None of them are books you want to miss.

This book hit so many emotions - what a great read.

I was happy, sad, surprised, amazed, blessed.

I have really come to care for these characters.
We continue to follow Dave and Laci but we are lucky enough to get the stories of Mike, Tanner, Charlotte, Jordon, as well.

This books starts out with Dave and Laci back 'home' and adopting a little girl who is deaf, this was really neat because my daughter and I just check out some books on ASL from the library and hope to learn to sign.
Greg, Dave's best friend, who died in the first book is still making a differce even after 10 years.

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