Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not my favorite anthology, which I am sad to say. I read this right about completing Jill Shalvis' 2nd Lucky Harbor novel (as it goes together) and I was not overly fond of this short novela. Great Logan finds someone, I might have cared more if I actually liked Logan to begin with but he was not a great character in my mind.

The 2nd novela was my favoraite of the set, it was a cute little thing though it has no real ending. I kind of want to go read the books that go with it but I wanted to the sample chapters at the end of the anthology to be the 1st chapter, I do not want chapter 3 so I did not start it and have so many other books to read of my shelf I am not so in love that I want to run out and go buy them.

The 3rd novela. I hate to stop reading a book half way through and read something else but this story did not grab me at all and so I left in the middle. I finally went back and finished it. The ending was cute but I was just not impressed which sucks cause I wanted to be.

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